Virtual Estate Planning Services

We believe the legal profession is long overdue in embracing the technology that allows us to decide the who, what, where and especially, when, of taking care of business in the digital age.


If you're like most of us, your "To Do" list ebbs and flows but never really gets markedly shorter. Odds are, you've been pushing "Get Will" up, down and around that list for a very long time but simply haven't had the time to do all the things you've got to do (find an attorney, meet with him/her to go over everything, fill out all the paperwork, coordinate your spouse's schedule for signing documents, etc.) to get the ball rolling.  We've decided to change that. Which is why we are turning to technology to make the process more efficient, more convenient and ultimately, more client-focused.

Through our Secure Client Portal, we give clients the option of handling the personal business of estate planning on their schedule. This dedicated digital system offers bank-grade security and enables you to communicate with our staff via secure email, phone and/or video conferencing from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Our virtual clients receive the same high-quality, individualized approach in the drafting of all their legal documents but without the need to physically visit our offices until the signing appointment since everything up until then is handled electronically and via phone, Skype or FaceTime communications.

This option, however, may not make sense for everyone. Highly or even moderately intricate or complex estate plans are better handled in an in-person setting where details can be comfortably addressed. Either way, at the conclusion of your initial phone consultation, we'll be able to tell you whether a virtual estate planning arrangement would work for you. For individuals outside the Austin metroplex who cannot benefit from a web-based relationship, we will be happy to provide a referral to a trusted colleague in your area.


How Our Secure Client Portal Works

We depend on the same technology used by online banking and government institutions to keep your data secure.  In addition, our confidential communications will not be released to anyone outside of this practice unless you ask us to share it, for example, with a family member, a trusted professional advisor such as your CPA or someone else you specifically designate. What's more, if you choose to message us through your dedicated portal all of your estate planning related communications will be in one centralized location, thereby negating the need to scroll through and search your email inbox for estate planning related emails from us.

You can use the portal to:

  • Complete online forms
  • Set appointments for phone, Skype or FaceTime conferences
  • Request and receive legal advice in a secure online environment
  • Upload and download documents in a secure online environment
  • Access invoices and pay legal bills


How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on the Contact page and submit a message via the secure contact form, or you can email Wendy Scott at Or call us at (512) 374-4922 to set up an initial phone call so we can discuss your estate planning needs and get your questions answered.